Your guide to: Lotus Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)


Welcome to the new Lotus Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)! With the new platform, you’ll have  access to Lotus’s entire digital parts catalogue, complete with diagrams, inventory data, and fitment  information. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly create, edit, and share stock orders for ordering parts from  your PDC.

Using the Lotus Electronic Parts Catalogue to view parts data, inventory data, and then create a  stock order is quick and easy. This guide will cover the basics of first finding and viewing parts, then  adding them to your stock order, and finally generating the stock order to submit to your PDC.

Viewing Parts & Adding Parts to a Stock Order

To begin, log into the Lotus Electronic Parts Catalogue with the credentials supplied to you via email. Once you log in,  you’ll be presented with the home screen. From the home screen, you can do several things. You can begin browsing  the parts catalogue by vehicle fitment, quickly build a stock order of already-known part numbers with the Quick Add tool, or view  PDF parts catalogues, as well as news and announcements from Lotus Electronic Parts Catalogue. For the  purposes of this guide, we’ll go through how to browse for parts by vehicle fitment.

To begin, enter the fitment information of the vehicle you’re ordering parts for.

Once you select the vehicle’s year, model, driveline,  and trimlevel. Once you’ve made these selections,  you’ll then be presented with a grid of available parts  categories like Brakes, Cooling, Suspension, or Trim.

After you select a category, you’ll then be presented  with a list of assembly diagrams for all of the systems  in that category. Each assembly contains a diagram of  the individual parts within that system will give you a  detailed list of parts within the system.

To view the products within an assembly, select the assembly and scroll down. Each part will be numbered on the assembly diagram, making it easier for you

to find that specific part from the list of parts within  the assembly. From here, you can either add the  product to your stock order with the Add to My Cart  button (highlighted in red) or view the product page  by clicking the part number (highlighted in blue) to  access more detailed information about the product.

From the product page, you can view several things  about each product. First, if applicable, will be an  image of the part. Further down the screen, you can  view “Diagrams and Kits” (i.e., other assemblies or  kits that this part appears in), “What This Fits” (i.e.,  additional vehicles that this part fits), “Inventory” (i.e.,  product inventory at your PDC), “PDF Pages” (i.e., the  individual PDF catalogues that this part appears in),  and “Dealer Info” (i.e., any additional size, labor, or  product information available about this part).

Once you’ve determined that you have the right number, click “Add to Stock Order” to add the product to your cart. To  add additional parts to your stock order, simply repeat the previous steps!

Creating a Stock Order

To create a stock order, you must add parts to the stock order. To do that, follow the steps outlined above or use the  Quick Add tool on the Electronic Parts Catalogue home screen. To view your stock order, click the yellow square in the upper right hand corner of your screen. It will have a number in the center that corresponds to how many  products you have in your stock order.

From the Stock Order page, you can  view and edit the details of your stock  order, including part number, price, and  inventory information, as well as view a  list of your most recent stock orders.

From here, you will be prompted to enter an email address to which the stock order will be sent. Simply enter a valid email address and click the Email Stock Order button to send it. 


With the new Lotus Electronic Parts Catalogue, you can more efficiently and easily access Lotus’s complete online  parts catalogue, as well as create stock orders. We hope that this guide will help you learn and take advantage of this  exciting new tool for Lotus retailers.

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